Western Journal: Huckabee: Bill Barr Drops a Bombshell as Democrats Try to Dismiss Biden Bribery Scandal

Western Journal

If there’s a general theme today, it might be that the 48-hour rule or even 72-hour rule is sometimes good to follow on breaking news stories.

We like to apply this when a story doesn’t smell quite right, if it’s from a dicey source, if it’s just too on-the-nose, if it seems really out of character for someone, or if we just don’t know enough yet.

In the meantime, the threat of Trump’s arrest over the “classified” documents might recall this observation by Mike Davis: “[In case you missed it] from January 2021: Trump declassified these Crossfire Hurricane records. He may have legally declared a copy as ‘personal,’ under the Presidential Records Act. These records could be very damaging to Biden, Obama and Hillary. Hence, the unprecedented and unlawful raid?”

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