Women & Minorities

Judicial Nominees

Actions speak louder than words. Democrats talk a lot about diversity, but Democrats opposed the confirmation of each of these highly qualified minority and women judicial nominees.

Why? Because, in the Democrats’ own outrageous words, these exceptional Americans are “especially dangerous” because of their sex or the color of their skin. Miguel Estrada might be on the Supreme Court today if Democrats hadn’t blocked him because “he is Latino.” Chuck Schumer filibustered Estrada seven times to prevent him becoming the first Latino on the Supreme Court. The unprecedented depths to which Democrats stooped to block his nomination took a terrible toll on Estrada and his family.

Many of these nominees have similar stories. So what should we believe: Democrats’ flowery words about diversity on the bench, or their disgusting actions toward diverse nominees?

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Judge Roy Altman

Judge Raúl Arias-Marxuach

Judge Annemarie Axon

Judge Bridget Bade

Judge Pamela Barker

Judge Wendy Williams Berger

Lillian BeVier

Judge Claria Boom

Judge Holly Brady

Judge Elizabeth Branch

Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Judge Ada Elene Brown

Judge Deborah Cook

Judge Stephanie Davis

Judge Allison Eid

Miguel Estrada

Judge Dabney Friedrich

Judge Britt Grant

Judge Steven Daniel Grimberg

Judge James Ho

Judge Jerome Holmes

Judge Danielle Jo Hunsaker

Judge Richard Ernest Myers II

Judge Rossie David Alston, Jr.

Judge Rachel Peter Kovner

Judge Carolyn Kuhl

Judge Barbara Lagoa

Judge Joan Larsen

Judge Kenneth Lee

Judge Sherri Allen Lydon

Judge David Morales

Judge Federico Moreno

Judge Sarah Morrison

Judge John Nalbandian

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Judge Priscilla Owen

Judge Martha Maria Pacold

Judge Michael Park

Judge Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk

Judge Jason Kenneth Pulliam

Judge J. Nicholas Ranjan

Judge Neomi Rao

Judge Rodolfo Ruiz

Judge Allison Jones Rushing

Judge Henry Saad

Judge Rodney Smith

Judge Diane Sykes

Judge Amul Thapar

Justice Clarence Thomas

Judge Wendy Vitter

Judge Jennifer Philpott Wilson

Appointed by President Trump

President Trump’s commitment to diversity on the federal bench is clear.

In addition to the long list of highly qualified women and minority judges Democrats have tried to block, here’s the list of other women and minority judges appointed by President Trump.

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Judge Fernando Lazaro Aenlle-Rocha

Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Susan Paradise Baxter

Judge Nancy Ellen Brasel

Judge Susan Marie Brnovich

Judge Patrick Bumatay

Judge Aileen Mercedes Cannon

Judge Silvia Luisa Carreño-Coll

Judge Katherine Amber Crytzer

Judge Kari Anne Dooley

Judge Amy Joan St. Eve

Judge Stephanie Agli Gallagher

Judge Diane Gujarati

Judge Stephanie Lou Haines

Judge Marilyn Jean Horan

Judge Joseph Dawson III

Judge Karin Johanna Immergut

Judge Hala Yalda Jarbou

Judge Rebecca Grady Jennings

Judge Kristi Haskins Johnson

Judge Iain David Johnston

Judge Fernando Rodriguez, Jr.

Judge Gregory George Katsas

Judge Anna Marie Manasco

Judge Emily Coody Marks

Judge Mary Susan McElroy

Judge Steven James Menashi

Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle

Judge Terry Fitzgerald Moorer

Judge Maryellen Noreika

Judge Jill Aiko Otake

Judge Mary Margaret Rowland

Judge Karen Gren Scholer

Judge Holly Lou Teeter

Judge Franklin Ulyses Valderrama

Judge Christy Criswell Wiegand

Judge Roderick Charles Young

Judge John Milton Younge