Washington Examiner: Trump inflames worries with calls for revenge and ‘retribution,’ but there are limits

Washington Examiner

Former President Donald Trump has big plans for a second term in office, but exactly what those plans are is the subject of much debate.

Trump has been speaking of revenge and retribution for months, though the remarks are receiving more and more attention as polls find him besting not only GOP rivals but often President Joe Biden. To his critics, Trump is laying the groundwork to stretch the law or even become a full-fledged dictator.

Whether such talk is typical Trump hyperbole or a serious threat depends on one’s perspective. For Mike Davis, a former chief counsel to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who has been rumored for attorney general in a new Trump administration, it smacks of hypocrisy.

“The same Democrats who impeached President Trump twice for nonsense, indicted him four times for non-crimes, tried to bankrupt his business, illegally gagged him twice, and are using a bogus legal theory to disqualify him from state ballots are suddenly concerned about a weaponized justice system?” Davis said.

“Trump supporters use hyperbole to point out that the Democrats’ lawfare and election interference is bad for our country,” he continued. “Biden and his Democrat allies are actually doing it.”

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