Washington Examiner: ‘Transparency’ group behind Trump ballot removal effort has long relied on left-wing dark money

Washington Examiner

A left-wing “watchdog” group behind the Colorado Supreme Court’s unprecedented move to kick former President Donald Trump off the state’s 2024 primary election ballot has long pocketed wads of dark money despite assailing secretive donations in the political system, documents show.

Trump on Wednesday appealed the court’s 4-3 December ruling, which disqualified him from Colorado’s ballot for allegedly inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, though the decision was already paused due to the Centennial State’s Republican Party appealing it last week. That ruling was the product of a September lawsuit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a Washington, D.C.-based charity purportedly “compelling the government to be more open and transparent, and driving secret money and influence into the light,” all while receiving checks over the years from influential dark money hubs linked to George Soros and other Democratic megadonors, according to financial disclosures.

“CREW is a left-wing, billionaire-funded dark money organization pushing a political agenda masquerading as an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit group,” Mike Davis, a conservative lawyer reportedly being floated by Trump’s inner circle as a hypothetical pick for attorney general, told the Washington Examiner. “This is further evidence that efforts to remove Trump from the ballot are nothing more than partisan politics by Democrats and have no basis in the Constitution or law.”

To Mike Davis, CREW is clearly not a nonpartisan watchdog organization and its “bias has been clear for years.”

“They are a bunch of partisan hacks who deserve to be called out for their lies,” he said.

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