Trending Politics News: Legal Experts Reveal What Hunter’s Spoiled Plea Deal Means: ‘Incompetence Or Corruption’

Trending Politics News

The judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s plea agreement vigorously questioned prosecutors whether the deal would live up to the letter of the law. Upon further review, the agreement unraveled. Now legal experts are saying that Judge Maryellen Noreika brought transparency to a political thorn that the Biden administration was hoping would simply go away.

Mike Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project to defend constitutionalist judges, said the Biden administration should be embarrassed for not closing the sweetheart deal.

“The Biden Justice Department’s sweetheart deal with Hunter Biden couldn’t even withstand basic questioning by a friendly Delaware federal judge. That’s because we now know there was an even sweeter secret deal: today was supposed to be the end of all criminal charges involving the Biden family. They were going to protect President Biden by sweeping under the rug today in Delaware all the Biden family crimes,” Davis said.

“The Biden Justice Department couldn’t write that into the plea agreement, because it would cause too much of a political backlash,” Davis continued. “And the Biden DOJ could continue to pretend they are investigating Biden crimes–and continue to protect the Bidens by rebuffing congressional inquiries under the false claim of an ‘ongoing investigation.’”

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