Townhall: It Seems the Media Peddled Misinformation About SCOTUS’ COVID Squabble Over Masks


It seems even the most prestigious legal institution in the land is not immune to COVID, that is the politics of it all. The Court did strike down the employer-based COVID vaccine mandate the Biden administration was pushing that was going to be enforced by OSHA. Yet, it didn’t come before we all saw how wrong the liberal wing of the Court was on the issue. I’m not talking about legal differences. I’m talking about facts. Justice Sonia Sotomayor claimed that 100,000 kids were hospitalized with COVID and on ventilators. She also said Omicron was just as deadly as Delta. Not true. This is what happens when you only watch CNN or MSNBC all day. These people are deciding the fate of millions in the workforce and four of them consumed, digested, and believed in pure science fiction. 

Luckily, that OSHA mandate was struck down 6-3. Yet, the COVID antics have not stopped. There are reports that Chief Justice John Roberts ordered all members to wear a mask at oral arguments. Justice Gorsuch refused which forced Justice Sotomayor to work remotely.

Yeah, that’s not true. [Mike] Davis called out NPR over this apparent lie. Fox News also noted that NPR’s sources were not correct. All the justices are vaccinated and boosted. They’re also tested regularly. Davis added that the SCOTUS press office had already said that Justice Sotomayor would be working remotely before this latest lie from the liberal media.