Townhall: How Bill Clinton’s Sock Drawer Could Play a Role in the FBI’s Trump Raid Fiasco


We’re witnessing a clown show at the Justice Department and the courts. A judge, Bruce Reinhart, signed off the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago with ties to Jeffrey Epstein, which is not precisely a good company endorsement. He’s also virulently anti-Trump. Then, the same judge ruled that the affidavit that provided probable cause for federal agents to ransack the home of former President Donald Trump on August 8 will not be sealed indefinitely. Still, it’s also not going to be released either. Judge Reinhart refused to keep the affidavit under seal after federal prosecutors tried to block its release, noting that disclosing the document would damage the investigation’s integrity. Reinhart refused to accept that argument but allowed the Department of Justice to review and redact sensitive information about the case carefully. In other words, let the rogue Biden DOJ cover up the parts that make them look bad when they plotted this hit job. 

The basis for the search has been eviscerated by former Justice Gorsuch law clerk Mike Davis who noted that the Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute. The president is the ultimate authority in declassifying classified information, which the Supreme Court affirmed in 1988; the rules and regulations regarding classification do not apply to the presidency.

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