Townhall: Here’s the Woman Who Launched the FBI Ransacking of Mar-a-Lago


Donald Trump is the victim of a political hit job by the Biden Department of Justice. He didn’t commit any actual law violations as stipulated in the Mar-a-Lago search warrant. Federal officials fought to keep the affidavit providing probable cause for the FBI’s August 8 raid under seal. Still, a judge, the same one who signed off on the search, Bruce Reinhart, disagreed and ordered parts of the document to be released after a redaction process. That means a sea of blacked-out pages, so what’s the point? The best part regarding the reasoning behind keeping the core of the affidavit under wraps is to protect Donald Trump. Nothing is creepier than when the government says, “this is for your protection.”

Let’s circle back to what Mike Davis, ex-law clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch, has said about this case. The president can declassify anything he wants, the regulations regarding classification do not apply to the office of the presidency, and the fact that Trump took documents that are considered highly sensitive is, in effect, a declassifying act. What isn’t marginalized is that Trump declassified troves of documents relating to Crossfire Hurricane. Then federal agents busted down the doors of Mar-a-Lago looking for more classified materials, including reported nuclear secrets, which everyone knew was an exaggeration. We know more about the people who lit the fuse for this heinous act of DOJ overreach. 

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