Townhall: Another Scam Indictment Against Trump


For the second time in just a few months, we have another politically motivated indictment against Donald Trump. First, Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, charged President Trump, reviving a zombie case and untested legal theory, raising charges to a felony from a misdemeanor for the sole purpose of “getting Trump.” Meanwhile, crime has skyrocketed in New York, and his cashless bail policies let felony criminals back on the street, proving the Trump charges were politically motivated. Now, The Biden Justice Department’s handpicked special counsel is charging Donald Trump. This comes on the day that Congress shined a light on a document in possession of the FBI, alleging that Joe Biden was paid and bribed $5 million from Burisma, a company that his son Hunter Biden, who is also under federal investigation, sat on the board. These weak charges represent the latest attempt to weaponize the government against Donald Trump to stop him from ever occupying the oval office again. 

As former Justice Gorsuch’s law clerk, Mike Davis, has pointed out on multiple occasions, President Trump had the authority to declassify these documents, and under The Presidential Records Act, he had the legal authority to handle and store these documents. Do you know who did not have the legal authority to declassify documents and the Presidential Records Act did not apply too? Then Vice-President and Senator Joe Biden. It came out recently that Joe Biden stole documents and stored them in unsecured places like his garage and the unguarded Penn Biden Center.

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