Town Hall: Did DOJ Really Use A Local CBS News Report To Justify Raiding Mar-A-Lago?

Town Hall

Here we go again. 

Two weeks ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland approached a lectern at the Department of Justice to announce he “personally” approved the warrant used to justify the unprecedented raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. 

According to Founder and President of the Article III Project and former Supreme Court clerk Mike Davis, who worked for Justice Neil Gorsuch, the claim is bogus and holds no authority. 

“The President of the United States has both the constitutional and statutory power to declassify anything he wants. If President Trump left the White House with classified records, they are declassified by his actions. But even if President Trump had classified records in his possession, they were protected. All former Presidents get a federally funded office, security clearances, Secret Service protection, and secure facilities (SCIFs) for classified records,” Davis released in a recent statement. 

“All Presidents take records when they leave. They don’t pack their own boxes. The National Archives takes the position that almost everything is a ‘presidential record,’ and the federal government writ large over-classifies almost everything. It’s routine for any Office of the Former President to negotiate with the National Archives. They could’ve alerted Congress. The Biden Justice Department could’ve filed a civil lawsuit. They could’ve sought and enforced a subpoena,” he continued. “Instead, Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray found a federal magistrate judge in Palm Beach with an obvious judicial bias against President Trump, obtained an unlawful and unnecessary home warrant, and launched an unprecedented home raid of a former president and President Biden’s top political opponent, all for records the former president had for 18 months without issue.”  

And now, upon release of a blacked-out affidavit used to justify the raid on Mar-a-Lago, we’re learning DOJ used a report from a local CBS News affiliate about moving trucks to justify ransacking President Trump’s home and First Lady Melania Trump’s closet. 

“According to a CBS Miami article titled ‘Moving Trucks Spotted At Mar-a-Lago,’ published Monday January 18, 2021, at least two moving trucks were observed at the PREMISES on January 18, 2021,” the DOJ affidavit states. The remaining lines on the page are blacked out. 

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