Time Magazine: Why Trump’s Bid to Delay His Trial Until After the Election Could Work

Time Magazine

It’s a tactic that has worked for Donald Trump in the past. Facing federal charges that he allegedly hoarded classified documents and obstructed the government’s efforts to retrieve them, the former president resorted to a familiar strategy: try to delay his legal woes into oblivion.

Trump’s allies will argue that the confluence of all these mounting investigations and prosecutions are designed to hamstring the former President’s attempts to reclaim the White House. “Where it hurts in the general is if Trump is distracted,” Mike Davis, founder of the conservative Article III Project and a close Trump ally, tells TIME. “He has to spend his time defending himself in court instead of campaigning. That’s the issue. Defending yourself in court as a full-time job. Defending yourself in two or three courts is a full-time job times two or three. Running for president is a full-time job. The Democrats know this. That’s why they’re bringing this lawfare now.”

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