TIME: ‘It’s Clear He’s Going to Testify’: Pence Has Central Role in Trump’s Prosecution


Trump’s fiercest allies have cast Smith’s prosecution as the manifestation of a political witch hunt. Pence’s role in the indictment, they say, is part of a ploy to divide the GOP. “The whole Mike Pence strategy is to drive a wedge between Republicans,” Mike Davis, a Trump confidante who founded the conservative Article III Project, tells TIME. “It’s not illegal for President Trump to put pressure on his Vice President to not certify the election. Some people might think it’s boorish, but that doesn’t make it a felony.” Davis, who speaks to Trump regularly, also said that he doesn’t hold an ongoing personal animus against Pence. “I don’t think there’s any ill will between Trump and Pence. He sees Mike Pence as a boy scout, and Trump’s used to dealing with New York construction crews.”

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