The Western Journal: Republicans Accuse Biden White House of a ‘Cover-Up’ as New Details on SCOTUS Nominee Come to Light

Western Journal

Senate Republicans are claiming the Biden White House withheld information that bolsters the GOP position that Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is far too lenient in child pornography cases.

“When we first highlighted her record on child porn cases, the White House leaked information to their friends in the media and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee,” Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri said, according to Fox News.

“They hid it from the public despite knowing Judge Jackson gives lenient sentences to criminals. The White House is still refusing to be transparent about Judge Jackson’s record,” he said.

Jackson was the judge in the case of U.S. v. Cane, which involved “over 6,500 files depicting children appearing to be of elementary, middle and high school ages, engaged in sexual acts or posing sexually,” Fox News reported.

Jackson in that case sentenced Cane to 60 months in prison, below the 84 months recommended by the probation office. Republicans claim it was left off of a list of cases given to them on purpose; the White House has said there was no intent to hide the case and that the case proves Jackson was not soft on child pornography defendants.

“This is a cover-up by the Biden White House and Senate Democrats,” conservative Article III Project founder Mike Davis said. “They’re covering up her record. They intentionally omitted this case from less than a year ago because it did not fit their political narrative.”

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