The Washington Times: Justice Gorsuch’s Real Estate Sale Didn’t Disclose Buyer: Report

The Washington Times

The head of a law firm with business before the Supreme Court bought property from Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, who failed to identify the buyer on his financial disclosure documents, according to Politico.

Mike Davis, a former clerk to Justice Gorsuch and president of the Article III Project, said the attacks against the conservative justices over their public disclosures are part of a campaign by liberals to delegitimize the bench.

“This is part of a campaign by the left,” he told “Real America’s Voice” podcast host Charlie Kirk. “You only hear about it now because the left is trying to delegitimize the Supreme Court, so they can destroy the Supreme Court with court packing, impeachment, term limits. They hate the fact that the Supreme Court is the last line of defense that keeps the democrat politicians in check.”

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