The Washington Times: Clinton campaign lawyer Sussmann, others fire back at Durham, deny spying on Trump

The Washington Times

An indicted former Clinton campaign attorney on Tuesday vigorously pushed back against accusations by special counsel John Durham, saying the special counsel was trying to politicize the criminal case and prejudice the jury.

Attorneys for Michael Sussmann, the former Clinton campaign lawyer, filed a motion in federal court slamming Mr. Durham’s accusations of a broad spying operation against Donald Trump.

Elsewhere, the technology executive identified in the case spoke out and leftist columnists at various media outlets went to work trashing the investigation.

The response began when Mr. Sussmann’s attorneys demanded that a federal judge remove sections of Mr. Durham’s latest filing, arguing it could “taint the jury pool.”

Mr. Sussmann has pleaded not guilty to one count of lying to the FBI about now-debunked accusations tying Mr. Trump to a Russian bank.

In a filing over the weekend, Mr. Durham said attorneys from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign funded the infiltration of servers at Mr. Trump’s residence at Trump Tower and later the White House to gin up “derogatory information” about him.

Mike Davis, founder of the conservative Article III Project, noted that Mr. Durham earned the support of Connecticut’s two Democratic senators when he was appointed as the state’s U.S. attorney.

“He’s never seriously been accused of being a partisan,” Mr. Davis said. “If he were, the two Democrat senators would never have recommended him to be the U.S. attorney. Calling the special counsel a partisan is entirely baseless and projection.”

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