The Washington Post: Trump’s anger at courts, frayed alliances could upend approach to judicial issues

The Washington Post

Donald Trump’s once-transactional relationship with the conservative legal establishment has splintered in recent years, and his frustration toward the court system has grown — potentially heralding more volatility in how he would navigate judicial issues in a second term.

Trump has recently floated combative lawyers from outside the traditional legal establishment who go on television to defend him, such as Mike Davis, as top attorney general candidates for a second term, telling advisers and donors that his picks for the job were a mistake in the first term because they were weak or defied him. Davis has faced criticism for his comments about imprisoning journalists and caging children if he became attorney general, comments which he said were made in jest.

In an interview, Davis, president of the Article III project, a conservative judicial advocacy group, said, “President Trump’s next generation of judges will be even more bold and tough.”

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