The Paradise: Donald Trump Had a ‘Standing Order’ Mar-A-Lago Documents Were to Be Considered ‘Declassified’

The Paradise

Donald Trump had a “standing order” that the documents at Mar-A-Lago were to be considered declassified, according to a statement the former president’s office provided to Just the News on Friday.

The presidential “standing order” appears to render the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate for allegedly ‘classified’ documents an egregious violation of civil liberties, as well as law enforcement procedures.

Kash Patel here states unequivocally that Donald Trump has ultimate declassification authority. It appears that this statement is on firm legal footing, as the Article 3 Project’s Mike Davis points out.

“Again, the classification statutes/regulations *do not apply* to the President of the United States,” Davis wrote. “He has the inherent constitutional power, as commander-in-chief, to classify and declassify anything he wants, in any manner he wants. The Supreme Court reaffirmed this in 1987.”

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