The New York Times: How Fighting for Conservative Causes Has Helped Ken Paxton Survive Legal Woes

The New York Times

Mr. Paxton has managed to survive it all, in large part because of the key role he has played as one of the most aggressive figures in the conservative legal movement. His challenges to the Obama and Biden administrations and his willingness to contest the results of the 2020 election garnered him the loyalty of Republican primary voters and the endorsement, during his re-election to a third term last year, of former President Donald J. Trump.

“Ken Paxton has served as the tip of the spear on so many of the legal fights about which conservatives care, whether it’s immigration or holding the big tech monopolists accountable,” said Mike Davis, a former chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee and the founder of the Article III Project, a nonprofit that promotes and defends conservative judges. He described Mr. Paxton’s style as “legal warfare.”

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