The Messenger: Trump’s Early Legal Steps Hint At Delays On Road To Trials

The Messenger

Donald Trump is entitled to a speedy trial like every other criminal defendant in America. But that doesn’t mean the former president wants one.

Facing two indictments so far as the 2024 presidential election approaches, Trump and his attorneys are taking their time to beef up his legal team and planning to fight every scrap of evidence while constantly appealing, which will delay his trial date.

“The Biden Justice Department wants to rush this trial before the presidential election and it’s further evidence that this is a purely political hit job designed to protect their boss and go after their boss’s political rival,” said Mike Davis, an attorney with the conservative Article III Project that is part of a loose-knit network of conservatives who have informally advised Trump.

“The Constitution and the Speedy Trial Act protect defendants, not the government,” Davis said. “There are complicated legal, procedural and evidentiary issues, and [former] President Trump has an absolute right to due process and a fair trial. And if that means this trial happens after the presidential election, then that’s what fairness requires.”

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