The Messenger: Trump Vows to Prosecute Critics and Rivals — But it’s Not Quite That Easy

The Messenger

Donald Trump’s plans for a second presidential term include appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden and his family, ordering up criminal indictments against anyone who is beating him politically and making it his “personal mission to restore the scales of justice in America.” 

“I’d strongly advise President Biden to pardon himself and his family because, believe me, they’re next,” said Mike Davis, a former Senate GOP staffer whom Donald Trump Jr., recently mused would make an ideal pick for his father as an acting attorney general. “Does anyone really think President Trump is going to turn the other cheek?” 

Making potential investigative targets squirm is a main point of the revenge rhetoric, Davis said. 

“Let these Democrat defendants spend their life savings and years of their lives going through this process like the Democrats are doing to Republicans,” he said. “The only way we’re going to come back as a country from what the Democrats have done to Trump, his top aides and his supporters, is to give Democrats a healthy dose of their own medicine.”

Davis, who runs the Article III Project that helped Trump in his first term deliver lifetime appointments to more than 230 federal judges, also acknowledged in an interview he is trying to troll the former president’s critics.

“I hope people read this and their f***ing heads explode,” he said. “A big part of my hyperbole is to make a point. This weaponization of law enforcement, this election interference, is highly destructive to our country. This is how the Roman republic fell.”

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