The Federalist Papers: Trump Indictment Pattern Continues: Fourth Handed Down Hours After Damning Hunter Biden Report

The Federalist Papers

For the fourth time, an indictment of former President Donald Trump came right around the time Hunter Biden got bad news.

Either the two of them have their timelines intertwined by some “Twilight Zone” type phenomenon, or something is rotten in the state of our nation.

On Real America Voice, Mike Davis, founder and president of Article III Project, a group that promotes “constitutionalist” judges, called the indictment of Trump “loud, long and lawless.’

Davis said Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fanny Willis is “bringing an organized crime conspiracy indictment that you would bring against the mob against President Trump, his lawyers, and his top advisers for the non-crime of objecting to a presidential election, which is allowed by the Electoral Count Act of 1887.”

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