The Epoch Times: Recipients Of Bankman-Fried’s Political Donations Should Return Money, Legal Experts Say

The Epoch Times

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s significant contributions to Democratic candidates and groups have drawn scrutiny, adding to the mounting woes faced by the disgraced crypto boss.

Most of the money was sent by Bankman-Fried to political action committees (PACs), with over $38 million going to liberal groups in 2022, with another $990,000 in individual campaign donations going to candidates directly, according to campaign finance watchdog Open Secrets.

But the PAC money was also used to support individual candidates, with $24,246,001 going in direct support of Democrat candidates.

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, a conservative judicial advocacy group, said the donations should ultimately be returned to FTX’s creditors.

“Democrat politicians who took illegal foreign contributions should not be allowed to give that money away to their favorite left-wing charities. This money needs to go back to the people who were potentially defrauded. You can’t discharge fraud in a bankruptcy,” Davis told The Epoch Times.

“Politicians need to do due diligence on their campaign contributions when there are obvious red flags like an overseas, Bahamian address,” Davis said

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