The Epoch Times: Attempts To Block Trump From Ballot Denounced As ‘Dangerous,’ As Legality Is Debated: Legal Scholar

The Epoch Times

Adversaries of former President Donald Trump, including some fellow Republicans, are pushing a much-debated legal theory to keep the embattled former president off the 2024 ballot in key U.S. states.

A respected constitutional scholar, Mike Davis, denounces the 14th Amendment disqualification theory as “bogus and very dangerous” to America’s status as a Constitutional Republic.

“If any partisan elected official thinks that they can unilaterally take President Trump off of the ballot under the disqualification clause of the 14th amendment, they are going to face a very rude political and legal awakening,” Mr. Davis told The Epoch Times.

Mr. Davis, who heads The Article III Project, an organization named for the judicial-focused Article III of the Constitution, said removing President Trump’s name from a ballot would undoubtedly trigger a lawsuit that would qualify for “expedited review.” It would then go on a fast track through the federal court system and land at the U.S. Supreme Court, he said.

Still, Mr. Davis argues that disqualification under the 14th Amendment would require not only a conviction but also for the conviction to be upheld on appeal.

Thus, he said, a lengthy process would ensue.

“These Democrats [and some Republicans] think they can simply take President Trump off the ballot so the American people don’t have a choice in the next election; they are playing with fire…It would tear our country apart,” Mr. Davis said.

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