The Daily Caller: ‘That’s Not The Standard!’: Former Gorsuch Clerk Blasts Judge In Trump Case For Refusal To Recuse Herself

The Daily Caller

A former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, Mike Davis, called out the Denver judge who is presiding over former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit in the state on Monday, calling for the U.S. Supreme Court to step in due to her previous “biased” actions. 

Davis joined “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the first day of Trump’s case regarding the removal of the former president from the state’s 2024 ballot. When asked by host Laura Ingraham if Davis thought the case could stand, he called out presiding Judge Sarah Wallace for her apparent history of donations and “biased” views.

“Well, unfortunately, I think this biased Denver Judge Sarah Wallace, who donated to a January 6 PAC to go after Trump supporters and who is now hearing this case, I think she is going to rule for these Democrat operatives and try to take President Trump off the ballot here in Colorado,” Davis stated.

“And I think that Democrats are going to try and use that precedent to go to other states like Minnesota and Michigan. So it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States is going to have to step in here and fix this eventually.”

“She should absolutely recuse on this case. This judge, Sarah Wallace, is a Democrat donor who the Democrat governor just appointed to the Denver District Court. He appointed her in August of 2022, effective of January of 2023,” Davis stated. 

Wallace, however, denied the request for recusal stating that she has formed “no opinion” on the case due to not remembering the donation. When asked about the Colorado Turnout Project, Davis fired back stating it was a Democrat PAC “going after Trump and Trump supporters.”

“Two months after the governor announced her appointment she donated to this Democrat PAC that’s going after Trump and Trump supporters for January 6. She supposedly forgot about this, she now remembers it. She says it won’t cloud her judgment, but that’s not the legal standard as you know Laura,” Davis stated. “She’s subjectively saying she won’t be biased — that’s not the standard!”

“And clearly she can’t sit on a case involving January 6 when she donated to this Democrat PAC going after Trump on January 6.”

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