The Daily Caller: ‘A Clown’: Sol Wisenberg Breaks Down Why ‘Obviously Biased’ Judge Is Bringing Case Against Trump

The Daily Caller

A former deputy special counsel blasted the judge in former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial Friday, saying he was “obviously biased.”

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York filed an ethics complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron over his conduct of Trump’s trial in New York City. Engoron clashed with Trump and attorney Alina Habba during the former president’s testimony Monday, with the judge threatening to remove Trump from the courtroom.

“This judge is a Democratic activist. He is a Democrat operative, so is his law clerk. This is outlined in Stefanik’s complaints. This judge started these proceedings by grinning for the cameras. He ruled against President Trump, entered summary judgment against President Trump before the trial even began,” Mike Davis of the Article III Project told Ingraham. “He is holding this show trial and is he clearly going to rule against President Trump and unfortunately it looks like judges in New York, such Democrat operatives that it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States may have to step in because President Trump is getting railroaded.”

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