The Charlie Kirk Show: The Leak That Could Shatter the Supreme Court with Mike Davis

In the unprecedented move against the Supreme Court, Mike Davis, former Chief Counsel for Judicial Nominations in the United States Senate, Clerk for Justice Gorsuch, and Founder & CEO of the Article III Project joined the show to explain just how huge this breach of protocol is. Who could have leaked the opinion? How detrimental is this move? What will the ramifications be? Next, Charlie goes even more in-depth into Nina Jankowicz, the singing “disinformation” specialist, Alejandro Mayorkas her incomprehensibly terrible boss, and the ironic cry for “free-thought” from the intolerant Leftist Mob. As the Ministry of Truth gets off the ground, the Regime has to get their narrative back on track—Charlie exposes exactly how, explains why they have to in order to stay in power, and what we can all do to stop it.