The Australian Financial Review: Republicans Refuse To Give Up On Trump

The Australian Financial Review

Conservative legal analysts such as Gregg Jarrett, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, former acting attorney-general Matthew Whitaker, and Mike Davis, the former chief counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley, have given their arguments as to how Trump can reasonably defend himself. The summary of their views is that the Department of Justice is ignoring the Presidential Records Act.

“They know that president Trump had the right to these records under the Presidential Records Act,” Davis says.

“They know that the Presidential Records Act does not have a criminal component, and for them to charge espionage for Trump just for simply retaining, not even using, not even harming our nation’s national security, simply having his presidential records, which he’s allowed to have under the Presidential Records Act, is not going to stand as a matter of law.”

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