Statement from A3P’s Mike Davis on Trump’s 200th judge

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Statement by A3P’s Mike Davis on the Senate’s Vote to Confirm

President Trump’s 200th Article III Judge


Cheers to Senate Republicans for voting to confirm Judge Cory Wilson, a Yale-educated Mississippi appellate judge with extensive state and federal government experience, to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Like President Trump’s other lifetime-appointed judges, Judge Wilson demonstrated at his hearing that he understands his crucial role is to ensure we have law-and-order, including protecting Americans from government overreach and mob rule. And this is no longer an egghead abstraction, with many Democrat politicians more interested in power grabs than public safety with their #StayHome orders, coupled with their bowing to violent mobs of leftwing Antifa and Marxist-led Black Lives Matter (#BLM) terrorists. 

Judge Wilson is President Trump’s 200th Article III judicial appointment and 53rd federal circuit judge, filling 25% of the federal judiciary after previously shattering the all-time-record pace for appointments to the critically important federal courts of appeals — the last stop for more than 99% of all federal appeals.

To put this in perspective, President Obama appointed 55 circuit judges in 8 years; President Trump has appointed 53 in under 4. In doing this, President Trump has filled every federal circuit-court vacancy. And President Trump has “flipped” the 2nd, 3rd, and 11th Circuits from majority Democrat-appointed to majority Republican-appointed judges, while significantly narrowing the Democrat domination (from +11 to just +3) on the once-out-of-whack 9th Circuit.

At 200 (and counting), President Trump is #2 of 45 for the pace of all Article III judges. And the only reason President Trump also did not shatter this record is because Congress created 152 new judgeships (25%) for President Carter to fill.

In 2016, President Trump campaigned on the promise to transform the federal judiciary with conservative jurists. And he didn’t just talk; Trump actually delivered. Promises made; promises kept.

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