Republic Brief: Ethics Concerns Arise When Justice’s Net Worth Spikes After Joining SCOTUS

Republic Brief

In light of allegations about one progressive colleague’s lucrative tenure on the bench, leftist double standards were at the forefront as ethics indignation seemed to be reserved primarily for conservative Supreme Court justices.

A constitutionally faithful Supreme Court has remained one of the strongest defenses against the fall of the American Republic as the coequal branches of the American government, intended as a system of checks and balances, have continuously eroded due to executive fiat, bureaucratic neutering, and judicial activism.

Additionally, despite the evident concern, the justice and her colleague Justice Neil Gorsuch neglected to withdraw from cases involving Random House, according to Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis, who spoke to Fox News Digital.

“Justice Sotomayor is a good person who appears to have made a mistake by having her staff sell her books, including what appears as pressure on schools and libraries to buy a minimum number of her books before her speaking engagements,” he said. “She acknowledges she made a mistake by failing to recuse from several cases involving her book publisher. The Supreme Court has adequate mechanism in place to deal with these mistakes, and the Supreme Court has already taken corrective measures.”

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