PJ Media: We’ll Save You the Time: The Trump Records Indictment Is Banana Republic BS, Too

PJ Media

First, the setup. Just as American Democrats were getting heartburn over Joe Biden’s bribery allegations, his 150 pesky Suspicious Activity Reports by the banks, and all his family’s LLCs set up to launder the money, there came news that Donald Trump was up to no good again. That dastardly man! Did he possess Ukrainian bribe money? No, silly. Recall that Trump was impeached over wanting to get to the bottom of the Biden/Ukraine bribery scandal.

Second, as legal commentator and constitution expert Mike Davis told me on my Adult in the Room Podcast (see below), Trump declassified the documents the feds wanted on the day before he left office.

Anyway, “That’s what this is all about,” Davis told me. “This idea that former presidents can’t have classified records is a smoke screen. It is complete and utter nonsense.”

“What harm would it cause to the United States that he had these documents at Mar-a-Lago?” Davis asks. “They were guarded by the Secret Service. They never leaked. They never leaked for 18 months. They didn’t leak until Biden ordered this illegal raid on him and stole these documents,” he notes.

“Again, the whole purpose for this raid was to get back Trump’s declassified and damning Crossfire Hurricane documents,” Davis told the Adult in the Room Podcast. “They were about to become public in Trump’s civil lawsuit versus Hillary Clinton. That [raid was run by] Jay Bratt at the [DOJ] National Security Division — the same National Security Division that helped run Crossfire Hurricane had to get back these documents.”

Davis reiterated for the zillionth time, “The Presidential Records Act controls the presidential records by presidents and former presidents. The Espionage Act applies to everyone else.” He goes on, “It is not possible for a president or former president to commit espionage in how they handle their presidential records. It’s also not legally possible to generally commit obstruction of justice if you’re obstructing an investigation into a noncrime.” And here Davis gets to Patel’s point: “If it was not a crime for President Trump to have his presidential records — which it was not, it’s allowed by the Presidential Records Act — how can you obstruct justice into this non-crime?”

And he’s not spitballing. “That is not my legal theory,” Davis told me, “that is a binding legal opinion from 2019 at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel.”

And, Davis said, the Department of Just Us is ignoring the other legal precedent from 2012. “They are ignoring the 2012 Clinton ‘sock drawer’ case,” he told me, “when Judicial Watch sued Bill Clinton for possessing 74 tapes from his presidency and [keeping] them in his sock drawer.” The judge threw out Judicial Watch’s case, Davis recounted. The judge basically said, “The mere fact that President Clinton took these records when he left office makes them personal … and it does not matter that they’re classified.” That decision is binding on D.C. federal courts.

“They’re indicting a former president who’s the leading presidential candidate against their boss, Joe Biden,” Davis points out. “They pulled this in 2016 with Russia Collusion, they did it again in 2020 with censoring the Hunter Biden story by de-platforming the oldest newspaper in America and then following up with the 51 intelligence ‘experts’ letter. That letter, by the way, was requested by a Biden apparatchik, Tony Blinken, and gladly supplied by a former head of the CIA, Mike Morrell.”

“So if they interfered in the election against Trump in 2016, and interfered in the election against Trump in 2020, why is it such a head-scratcher to think that they would do it again in 2024?” Davis wonders.

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