PJ Media: Try Not to Laugh at DOJ’s Excuse for Not Sending FBI to Raid Biden’s Homes for Classified Docs

PJ Media

Attorney General Merrick Garland is feeling the heat over the obvious double standard between the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home to retrieve classified documents and Joe Biden’s Car-a-Lago scandal. As a result, Biden’s hit man, who “can’t comment on an ongoing investigation,” has clearly green-lighted his patented leaks to friendly media to make excuses for his duplicity. If this weren’t such a tell for how corrupt the Justice Department is, the excuses would be funny. But since America’s system of jurisprudence in the DOJ and the FBI is clearly so irretrievably fallen, and could take civil society sliding down the hill with it, we should consider Garland’s excuses in the seriousness with which they’re offered.

President Trump had the authority to declassify documents and, as a president of the United States, was allowed to take them as his personal documents, according to Mike Davis of the Article III Project. Not so with the vice president, which Biden was when he purloined the documents with the highest security classifications. We’re told, but we don’t have proof since we have only the say-so of Biden’s lawyer Richard Sauber, that some of the documents pertained to Ukraine and China. Of course, those are the countries from which Hunter Biden was extracting millions for access to the Veep.

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