PJ Media: Special Counsel Named to ‘Investigate’ Trump. Here We Go Again.

PJ Media

Just two days after Donald Trump announced a run for president in 2024, Joe Biden’s Administration named a special counsel to investigate him, continuing the never-ending investigation of the most investigated president in U.S. history. That sound you hear is a chorus of “here we go again.”

Newly named special counsel Jack Smith is an Obama-era Eric Holder protégé, according to Mike Davis of the Article III Project. He helped target Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell “on bogus corruption charges” that were reversed by the Supreme Court on a vote of 9-0. “Now Smith is back to take out Trump,” said Davis.

The naming of the special counsel will also be used to affect the 2024 election results. This is by design. As Article III’s Mike Davis said in a statement, “Like with the politically-motivated and baseless Mueller probe, Garland knows a special counsel will unnecessarily drag on and leave a dark political cloud over Trump while he’s running for president over the next two years.” Davis further wrote, “Garland’s third-world election interference will no doubt make his boss happy. Indeed, Biden knows he can’t beat Trump, so he’ll simply indict him.”

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