PJ Media: ‘Irredeemably Corrupt’ FBI Stages Photo to ‘Prove’ Trump Shouldn’t Get Documents Back

PJ Media

The Department of Justice has responded to former President Donald Trump’s call for a special master to go through the items taken from his Mar-a-Lago home in a raid earlier this month. And basically, it’s this: he doesn’t deserve them because we don’t like him.

Of course, it took a 36-page document, including a photo staged by the FBI, to say this, but there it is.

In short, and as I explained in some detail at PJ Media earlier this week, the FBI and attorneys at DOJ contrived a way to insinuate themselves into a documents pissing match between Trump and the National Archives. They accused Trump of obstruction involving disputes over documents under the “espionage act,” which isn’t a criminal statute, and then accused the former president of “obstructing” things that are not crimes.

The founder of the Article III Project, constitutional lawyer Mike Davis, said in a series of tweets that presidents have the authority to possess documents.

He said he believes the raid was a “political hit” to claw back Russia Collusion documents that are “damning” to the same people running it.

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