PJ Media: FBI Appeals Order Appointing ‘Special Master’ to Check Documents Taken From Mar-a-Lago

PJ Media

The Feds appealed a judge’s order naming a special master to cull through the hundreds of pages of documents, news clippings, and other items that they took from former President Donald Trump’s South Florida home.

On Monday, Federal Judge Aileen Cannon ordered a special master, which is usually a former judge or lawyer, to go through the documents taken from Trump’s office in the Aug. 8 raid. By Thursday, Department of Justice lawyers were back in court arguing that such a move would delay its latest election season investigation of the former president.

As Mike Davis of the Article III Project wrote on Twitter, the FBI waited months before raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and only after Joe Biden canceled the former president’s “protective assertion of executive privilege” but now pouts that a special master will delay its investigation.

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