PJ Media: ‘Election Interference’: Lawyer Bashes Jack Smith’s Plea to SCOTUS on Trump Immunity

PJ Media

According to prominent Republican legal expert Mike Davis, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request for a Supreme Court ruling on Donald Trump’s presidential immunity is nothing short of “election interference.”

Now Smith, who has caused controversy with his politically-charged legal campaign against Trump going into the 2024 election, wants Supreme Court assistance, it seems. And Article III Project founder and president Mike Davis is arguing that Smith is simply trying to influence the election.

Davis posted a lengthy critique on Twitter/X on Dec. 11, including a screenshot from Smith’s Petition for a Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment. “Biden Special Counsel Jack Smith made an extraordinary request: He asked the Supreme Court to bypass the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, skip the normal Supreme Court briefing and argument timelines, and immediately decide whether Trump enjoys presidential immunity” from federal prosecution, Davis explained. “This is a legal Hail Mary by Jack Smith.”

Davis then went on to detail what he meant. “[Smith is] desperate to keep an unreasonably (unconstitutionally) expedited March trial date. After waiting 30 months to bring these unprecedented and political charges,” Davis argued. “And not giving the defendant adequate time to get through 13 million pages of documents. Nor enough time to prepare for hundreds of potential witnesses.”

Trump faces multiple legal challenges at once, complicating the situation, Davis pointed out. Smith’s case goes on as “Trump’s sitting through an extensive (bogus) New York civil fraud trial right now to bankrupt him. Knowing Jack Smith’s March trial will force Trump to sit in a DC courtroom for months.” That has prevented Trump from “being on the campaign trail” as he normally would during an election season since he’s a presidential candidate.

This all aims “To secure a guilty verdict from a DC jury pool that voted 95% against Trump,” Davis added. “And a conviction from DC Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan who is hellbent on imprisoning Trump before the election. During this time, Trump must sit through 3 other back-to-back (even overlapping) criminal trials—including another by Jack Smith. To throw him in prison for 700 years.”

Ultimately, Davis concluded, Smith is politically motivated. “There is no reason Jack Smith’s DC trial can’t wait until after the election,” Davis emphasized. “This is blatant election interference.” Unfortunately, the GOP leadership is more concerned with squabbling among themselves than with asking why the Biden Justice Department continues to persecute Trump.

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