PJ Media: Biden’s Shocking, ‘Clear, Obvious Coordination’ in Cases Against Trump. Try to Look Surprised.

PJ Media

Joe Biden says his White House had nothing to do with any of the charges brought against President Trump. But, in her blockbuster story about the implosion of the RICO indictments against former President Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her alleged Special Counsel paramour, PJ Media’s Athena Thorne points to coordination with the White House. And now we’re learning just how much coordination there was.

Trump supporter and constitutional law expert, Mike Davis, the founder of the Article III Project, is calling for immediate House Judiciary Committee hearings to look into the connections between Joe Biden’s White House and “three different prosecutors on these four different indictments against President Trump,” including Willis’s very special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Davis says there is “clear, obvious coordination” with Joe’s White House Counsel’s Office and the Justice Department to bring charges against Trump. Surprise, surprise.

Davis told Steve Bannon on Tuesday that not only did Nathan Wade send bills for one White House Counsel meeting, but he also sent bills for two meetings with the White House, one before the insane RICO indictment was sought.  

Davis believes “There is clear obvious coordination between the Biden White House and these…three different prosecutors on these four different indictments against President Trump.” And then he added that the House Judiciary Committee has some work to do. “I would say to the Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan it’s time to have hearings immediately,” Davis said. 

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