OAN: Grassley: Foreign National Who Allegedly Paid Joe Biden Has Audio Tapes Of Both Joe And Hunter


Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley asserted that the foreign national who allegedly paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio tapes of their conversations as “insurance policy.” 

“I worked for Senator Grassley a couple times in my career,” said Mike Davis, president and founder of the Article III Project. “He is the king of oversight. He’s been the king of oversight for decades. If Grassley says that something is there, you can take it to the bank.”

According to a whistleblower, an FBI-generated FD-1023 form dated in 2020 explains a $5 million criminal bribery scheme between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. Davis, the former Chief Counsel for Nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee under Grassley, emphasized the credibility of the FBI whistleblower.

“This whistleblower is a very credible FBI informant who has been a credible FBI informant for 10 years, and the FBI has paid $200,000,” said Davis. “So it’s kind of a head scratcher why nothing has been done about this since the FBI has had this evidence since 2017.”

“That is clear foreign bribery, a clear change in U.S. policy,” said Davis.

Davis says that despite this bombshell revelation, there are multiple questions that need to be answered.

“It’s kind of a head scratcher why nothing has been done about this, since the FBI has had this evidence since 2017,” said Davis.

“The biggest head scratcher of all of this is the fact that Biden and Garland had Jack Smith indict President Trump the day after this damning evidence came out,” continued Davis.

Former President Donald Trump was indicted by special counsel Jack Smith on 37 felony counts including the retention of national defense information. Davis says he does not think it was a coincidence the indictment was used as a method to “distract” Americans from this Biden bombshell. 

“There’s no question that when my former boss, Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, and House Oversight Chairman James Comer had the FBI cornered with contempt that Garland greenlighted this indictment of Trump to distract and deflect,” said Davis. 

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