NTD: Trump Says He Has Been Indicted in Classified Documents Probe


Former president Donald Trump said on June 8 that his attorneys that he has been indicted by special counsel Jack Smith in connection to the investigation into the handling of classified documents.

“The Democrats’ indictments of Trump for these non-crimes…are part of a lawfare campaign to keep Biden in power,” attorney Mike Davis, founder and president of The Article III Project, which seeks to uphold the Constitution, told The Epoch Times.

Davis said that Trump’s persecutors are “deflecting from Biden’s own espionage, foreign bribery and corruption, obstruction of justice, and other criminal activities.”

“And these partisan Democrat operatives have crossed the Rubicon,” he said. “In their pursuit of power, they’re tearing apart our country.”

Since that date, Davis of the Article III Project, said he has been pointing out that Biden’s DOJ was going to attempt to charge Trump with obstruction and espionage for possessing records that he is entitled to “Trump is allowed to have his presidential records, classified or not; National Defense Information or not, under the Presidential Records Act,” Davis told Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast on June 7.

To charge Trump, the DOJ must “ignore the Presidential Records Act, which has no criminal components,” Davis said. the president makes the determination, what are presidential records

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