Newsmax: Mike Davis to Newsmax: DOJ Hunts Trump Supporters as Groups Terrorize Jews


Mike Davis, former law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, told Newsmax on Friday that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is spending its time hunting down supporters of former President Donald Trump and other conservatives while groups like Hamas and Black Lives Matter are terrorizing Jewish students on college campuses and potential terrorists are flooding over the southern border undetected.

“It’s amazing that the Biden Justice Department is using its resources to hunt down President Trump, Trump’s top aides, Trump supporters, Christians praying outside of abortion clinics, and parents outraged at school board meetings while they let BLM and Hamas terrorize Jewish Americans all over America, particularly on college campuses,” Davis said during “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Friday.

“All while they let illegal migrants, unvetted fighting age migrants, flood across our southern border, including from terrorist hot spots.”

Davis was reacting to the recent manhunt in New Jersey for an alleged Jan. 6 protester sought by the FBI in Middlesex County.

Davis said that while the DOJ Civil Rights Division has issued dozens of press statements since the terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, not one includes the arrest of a Hamas supporter during recent demonstrations.

“They have put out like 40 press statements since the worst terrorist attack imaginable on Oct. 7. Not one of those deals with arresting these Hamas supporters who are threatening and actually perpetuating violence across America. There was an elderly Jewish man who was killed by pro-Hamas protesters. Where the hell is the Biden Justice Department? Where’s the civil rights division?”

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