New York Post: Biden’s DOJ recommends no jail time for abortion activist who vandalized church, assaulted worker

New York Post

President Biden’s Justice Department is recommending no jail time for an abortion activist who scrawled “F–k Catholics” on a church’s walls, assaulted a church employee and defaced several religious statues in reaction to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last summer, according to a report. 

The Justice Department put forward a plea agreement, reviewed by Fox News Digital, that calls for three years’ probation and no jail time for Maeve Nota, who was arrested June 28, 2022, for vandalizing the St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington. 

“It is very clear that the Biden Justice Department has politicized and weaponized the FACE Act to go after pro-life Christians praying outside of abortion clinics like Mark Houck while turning a blind eye to violent felons terrorizing and badly damaging Catholic churches like Maeve Nota,” Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, ​a nonprofit that advocates for conservative justices, ​told Fox News Digital.

“The Biden Justice Department tried to put Houck in prison for 11 years for defending his son while recommending no jail time for Nota after this deranged trans terrorist badly damaged a Catholic church, fought with the police, assaulted a church employee, and scared the hell out of a little old lady praying,” Davis said.

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