NBC News: Trump legal ally fights ‘activist prosecutors’ in 2024 messaging preview

NBC News

A group fighting against former President Donald Trump’s legal challenges is pushing back with a digital video accusing those who have brought charges against him of abusing their legal power to obstruct his efforts to retake the White House.

The 60-second digital spot from the Article III Project accuses “activist” judges and prosecutors of weaponizing the legal system for political gain. The video opens with a figure of Lady Justice, followed by a gavel and pair of handcuffs, and narration that says, “Activist prosecutors and judges have destroyed the rule of law, the scales of justice forever broken and imbalanced. The worst offenders? Those who have weaponized the legal system for political gain against President Trump.”

It ticks through the cases against Trump in Georgia, New York, Washington, and Florida, singling out Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis for “using a witch hunt as a guise to arrest a former president and make him take a mugshot,” and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of Manhattan for letting the city “fall to pieces,” while Judge Arthur Engoron “laughed and smirked” as Trump awaited trial.

“Even now they’re resorting to insane legal theories to take him off the ballot,” the ad continues. “They’ve gone after a President of the United States. Do you think they’ll stop there?” 

In a statement to NBC News, Davis said Trump’s political opponents are using their legal powers to thwart the former president’s reelection prospects, attacks that could upend our political system. 

“These judges and prosecutors are leftwing partisan activists masquerading as public servants,” Davis said. “They’ve weaponized law enforcement and the judiciary to take out the leading candidate for President of the United States. Americans need to know what is happening in their country.” 

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