NBC: Conservative Justice Gorsuch echoes ‘woke’ historians in railing against historical injustices


Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative appointed by Republican former President Donald Trump, but in a series of recent cases, he has spoken up about historical injustice in a way that seems at odds with Republican attacks on “woke” history’s being taught in schools.

Mike Davis, a conservative legal activist who served as a law clerk under Gorsuch, said it is easy to square his former boss’ disparate actions.

“He angers both sides from time to time, but he doesn’t care. His job is to figure out what the law is and apply it,” he said.

On Native American issues in particular, Gorsuch’s tenure as a federal appeals court judge in Colorado, where he handled cases involving tribes, most likely informed his approach, Davis added.

But Davis, the former law clerk, insisted Gorsuch’s approach to history was consistent with the approach Republicans favor.

“It should be taught in schools,” he said of Gorsuch’s writings.

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