Mike Davis Op-Ed in the Daily Caller: The Stakes Are High In Supreme Court Nomination Battle

…Democrats are now turning their wrath on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, attacking her faith and her family in a naked attempt to deny her a seat on the Supreme Court. Democrats, who proudly display “coexist” bumper stickers on their electric cars and claim to support empowered women who “have it all,” have suddenly abandoned those principles when that woman is a conservative nominee for the Supreme Court. The very people who should be most supportive of a woman as exceptionally accomplished, both personally and professionally, as Judge Barrett are now threatening to burn down the country in opposition.

Democrats have proven time and again that there is no low to which they will not stoop in opposing conservative judicial nominees. In this case, past is indeed prologue, and we know that the next month will be the most arduous of Judge Barrett’s life. Sadly, this will also be the case for her husband, and most unfortunately, their seven innocent children (five biological, including one with Down’s syndrome, and two adopted from Haiti). Fortunately, Judge Barrett’s faith and family – both of which the left loathes – will sustain her.

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