LISTEN: Mike Davis Discusses the Ramifications of Roe Being Overturned with Charlie Kirk

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For this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie welcomes two of the most politically savvy and thoughtful minds in the conservative movement to make sense of America’s political landscape in the continuing wake of Roe v. Wade’s landmark reversal. First—Jack Posobiec, host of TPUSA’s “Human Events Daily,” joins Charlie to talk about the role that media pundits, celebrities, and the so-called consultant class play in spinning this ruling and how conservatives can beat back the narrative industrial complex and channel this moment into a Midterm Victory this November. Next, Mike Davis from The Article III Project joins to talk about the role he played in getting Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, ACB, Alito, and even John Roberts into their seat on the Court—it’s a fascinating inside look at how the judicial sausage is made. He and Charlie also walk through the left’s response to the Death of Roe and Mike answers questions from you, the listeners, about impeachment, court packing, and assassination attempts as we all begin to navigate a new era of Democrat Activism against our republic’s most sacred institutions.