Mediaite: Lawyer Touted as Trump’s Next Attorney General Threatens to Arrest and ‘Deport’ MSNBC Host in Bigoted Screed


Mike Davis, a prominent MAGA lawyer and pundit, threatened online Monday to jail and deport MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan if former President Donald Trump is reelected and gives him a top job in his administration – as he is widely expected to do.

Davis made the shocking threat in reply to a segment from Hasan’s weekend show in which the cable news host listed some of the people tipped to be under consideration for roles in another Trump administration.

“Now let’s move on to a man a lot of people may not have heard of yet, Mike Davis,” Hasan said, adding:

He’s the man many in Trump’s inner circle, including his own son, Don Junior, and Steve Bannon, are pitching to be the country’s next possible attorney general. Earlier this week, over on my Peacock show, I dove deep into the conservative lawyer’s record from Davis’s threats to send journalists to the D.C. gulag to his repeated calls on social media for his followers to, quote, “arm up against the violent Black underclass.”

And it appears I may have struck a nerve. Davis has since responded to my monologue from earlier this week, pledging to indict me when he’s AG. For what? I’m not sure. But he’s also threatened to send me to the D.C. gulag. That’s a totally normal, non-fascistic response from a man eyeing to become the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Davis shared the clip and wrote on Twitter, “Trump’s Dream Team. @mehdirhasan is now on my Lists 2 (indict), 4 (detain), 6 (denaturalize), and 3 (deport). I already have his spot picked out in the DC gulag. But I’ll put him in the women’s cell block, with @Timodc. So these whiny leftists don’t get beat up as often.”

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