Mediaite: Charlie Kirk Laments German Conservatives Are Too Scared to Be Radical Because They’ve Been Told Their ‘Grandfather Did Something Really Bad’


Pro-Trump organizer and podcaster Charlie Kirk slammed conservatives he sees as weak for not fighting back in kind against the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump.

On the Tuesday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, Kirk spoke with Mike Davis of the Article III Project, which is a group designed to defend constitutional judges. Their conversation centered on a possible Trump indictment and what Kirk considers to be a “weak” conservative movement.

Davis referred to the process as “the dead chicken strategy.”

“When I clerked for Justice Gorsuch, Justice Thomas told us when he grew up on the farm in Georgia, when dogs killed chickens, you would wrap that dead chicken around that dog’s neck. And as it rotted around that dog’s neck, that dog lost the taste for chicken. And we need to do the same thing to Democrats — wrap those dead chickens around their necks,” Davis explained.

“Start indicting George Soros-funded groups, BLM and Antifa leaders who are clearly violent, clearly committing tax evasion. We need to stop being weak and stupid on the right,” Davis added.

“I think they’re stuck in the 1990s,” Davis replied.

“White Republican men in the South, and also lawyers are the weakest people on the planet… They need to find their backbones and they need to start fighting back because we’re going to lose our country if we don’t fight back,” Davis said.

Kirk connected Davis’ criticism to German conservatives in particular.

“Or sexist or anti-gay or whatever the issue is that they’re paralyzed by this fear. And what they need to do is say, ‘You know what? Democrats accuse everyone of being racist and sexist and homophobic and transphobic.’ It’s meaningless. Stop caring. Just start using power. Republicans need to do what Democrats do. That is win power earn power, use power,” Davis added.

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