Manistee News: Mike Davis speaks at Manistee County GOP’s annual dinner

Manistee News

The annual Manistee County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner was held this month.

During the event on May 4 at the Little River Casino Resort, Adam Dontz introduced his old friend and keynote speaker, Mike Davis.

“For nearly two decades Mike has fought hard for conservative principles at the highest levels in American government,” read a news release in part.

Davis serves as president of the Article III Project, which defends constitutionalist judges and the rule of law. Additionally, he leads the Internet Accountability Project, which along with the Unsilenced Majority, “work to lend a more balanced and complete consideration of issues such as how to best govern the enormous influence of technology in our lives.”

Davis presented a historical overview of the federal government from its founding until the present time.

He described how our country’s founders understood that our rights came from God and that the role of government was to defend and protect those rights,” read a news release in part. “That understanding stands in stark contrast with what Washington has been fundamentally transformed into today.”

Davis concluded with a call for conservatives to keep informed, get involved, support conservative candidates and vote.

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