Legal Insurrection: Apparently Staged Mar-a-Lago Photo Doesn’t Help FBI/DOJ Credibility And Doesn’t Reveal Anything We Didn’t Already Know

Legal Insurrection

Just before the midnight August 30 deadline, the DOJ filed its Response To Motion For Judicial Oversight.

I’ve been careful not to opine on the criminal law regarding the possession of such documents because, as I’ve explained, it’s not an area I’m familiar with and it’s not the easiest field to come up to speed on. A number of knowledgeable commentators, including Mike Davis and David Rivkin, argue that Trump had the absolute right to remove and retain those records. Others and the entirety of the mainstream corporate media and #TheResistance Twitter Lawyers say otherwise. I don’t know who’s right, but the DOJ filing didn’t shed any new factual light on the subject.

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