KTRH Local Houston: Lawfare: What The House GOP Needs To Do Now To Fight The Democrats

KTRH Local Houston

Give credit to House Republicans, who continue to expose the Democrats on multiple fronts. But can they do more? Many conservatives believe they can, and they should.

“We have two systems of justice by the Biden Justice Department” said Mike Davis, president of the Article 3 Project, “And it’s time for House Republicans to take off the gloves, and issue subpoenas and make these Democrats come in and be held accountable.”

“Those are just two examples of how House Republicans can step up right now to end this election interference, and republic ending lawfare by the Democrats” Davis told KTRH, “That pauses Jack Smith’s unprecedented prosecutions of Trump until after the presidential election.”

But he adds, this is much more than just Trump. Our country is at stake.

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