Just the News: Transformation of SCOTUS was the best accomplishment of Trump’s legacy, former chief counsel says

Just the News

The former chief counsel for nominations at the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary said on Wednesday that the biggest accomplishment of former President Donald Trump’s first term was his effective transformation of the Supreme Court. 

“President Trump’s biggest accomplishment of his first term was his transformation of the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts,” Davis said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show.

“We went from the five-to-four John Roberts court to the five-to-four Clarence Thomas court,” he said further. “We are seeing the fruits where we have a Supreme Court that is willing to stand up for the rule of law and protect us from government overreach. And they have backbones.”

The former president announced Tuesday night that he was planning to run for re-election in 2024. According to Davis, it would be foolish of anyone to write Trump off for his decision. 

“I think anyone who writes off Trump is crazy,” Davis said. “This guy has been in the public eye for almost 50 years.” 

“I think Trump’s announcement speech was very serious,” Davis said of Trump’s Tuesday speech. “It was very somber. It was very substantive. I was impressed by it. I’m a huge Trump fan and it made me even more of a Trump fan after that speech.”